The stories surrounding gemstones quickly wade into spiritual territory or clichés. Think protection of the mind and cleansing your aura. Sure, it’s nice to have a clear mind and some finely balanced chakra’s, but there’s so much more to it then that. There are many fascinating stories and anecdotes on exclusive gems such as the tourmaline. Stories which, when someone asks you about your fine new jewellery, are worth sharing.

The tourmaline might be one of the most complete gems around. Author Katrina Raphaell wrote in her book ‘Crystal Enlightment’ about it’s ability to reflect every colour of the spectrum. It’s one of a kind.

The miniral is born within the hot, molten layers of rock within the earths core better known as magma. From those incredible depth’s, the tourmaline begins its journey towards the sunlight on the surface of the earth. According to ancient Egypt legend, during its travel from the heart of the earth, the tourmaline crosses paths with rainbows. This is why tourmaline manifests in all sorts of color, from the darkest of blacks to soft pink. You might say, giving a tourmaline is giving a piece of rainbow.


Gems are seen as fragments of the fabric of the universe, meant to bring a message to earth. Tourmaline is said to bring the message of higher values and broadening our limited thinking. It has become a symbol for sophisticated reality: the power of open-mindedness.

Wether you hold any belief in the cleansing of aura’s and balancing your chakra’s, there is a story to be told and a lesson to be learned in each gem. They’ve been objects of great wonder and admiration through the ages for their spiritual message they represent which help us make sense of the world around us. But let’s be honest, it’s also a stunning piece of creation by nature.

So whenever someone has an eye for you deep green tourmaline on your ring or bracelet, there are plenty of stories to be told. Make sure you don’t forget to make one of your own. What you’re a carrying isn’t just something. It’s a piece of rainbow.

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