During their many travels, AoS founders Isabella & Niels found themselves in some of the most beautiful and fascinating places of the world. Few countries are to be left without discoveries and South Africa is no different. For centuries it has attracted the adventurers at heart. Many stories have been written on the breathtaking views of the Amatola mountains and the deep glades of the Waterkloof.

Along the rocky shores where the Atlantic ocean and the Indian ocean meet, they found a lasting impression in one of South Africa’s most beautiful treasures; the Brunsvigia Josephinae, otherwise known as the Candelabra Lily. This special flower is exclusively found in South Africa and is hard not to stop at. The endless, rocky and grey coasts are decorated by the bright red stems which effortlessly commands the attention of the eye. The stems reach towards the sky where they expand into a colourful collection of flower buds.

This flower formed the source of inspiration for a new piece of jewellery in the AoS collection, the Candalibre earrings. At last the beautiful gems can also be worn as earrings. The free spirited design of refined simplicity and an elegant airiness is an ode to this remarkable flower and the amazing adventurous found along the coasts of Africa’s most southern country.

Explore the full Candalibre collection here.

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